The following Investing Policy was adopted by shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting held on 27 June 2014.

The Company’s Investing Policy is to return capital to Shareholders following completion of the sale of Candor. The return of capital, amounting to almost all of the expected net proceeds from the sale of Candor, is expected to be effected by way of a Shareholder distribution which will be subject to the formal approval by Shareholders of the Company at a future extraordinary general meeting. Such meeting is expected to be held within 3 months of Completion. Thereafter, the Company will conduct its affairs to comply with post Completion obligations relating to the Disposal and at the end of such period any residual funds will be returned to Shareholders by way of a members’ voluntary winding up or other restructuring, subject to approval by Shareholders. On adoption of the New Investing Policy, the Company shall not make any new investments.