On 4 November 2014, UCP announced that it had completed the sale of its wholly owned subsidiary, Candor, through which the investments in India are held, and it subsequently made a cash distribution to shareholders of most of the disposal proceeds.

The Company’s shares were suspended from trading on AIM on 5 November 2015 since it had been 12 months from the date of completion of the sale of Candor. As the Company did not implement a new investing policy within six months of suspension, admission to AIM was cancelled on 6 May 2016.  The Company’s administrator, FIM Capital Limited, has agreed to provide a service to assist in providing liquidity for shareholders through matched bargains. FIM Capital is regulated by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority and the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Any shareholder interested in trading in the Company’s shares should contact FIM Capital on +44 (0)1624 681250 and lodge an expression of interest. FIM will thereafter introduce buyers and sellers to each other as appropriate, with trades to be effected off-market.